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BushFood Extracts

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BushFoods are incredibly unique Australian foods. Many BushFoods have a very small harvest season, and so buying them fresh can be very difficult!

To extend the native food season and availability, the Australian SuperFood Co. has made extracts from a wide range of BushFoods.

These extracts cater for your needs, regardless of the time of year or quantities you need. Add a burst of native flavour to any dish you create, whether this is in a cafe or experimenting at home, enjoy the tastes Australia has to offer.

Each unique extract has it's own health benefits and reason for being classified as a Superfood.


We only have small sample packs available at $18/pack (either 5 herbs and seed extracts or 6 fruit extracts, all in 10ml bottles).


Note - Droppers are not supplied.

Dietary Requirements: Gluten and Dairy free.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact gday[at]aggiegifts.com.au.