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BushFood Extracts

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BushFoods are incredibly unique Australian foods. Many BushFoods have a very small harvest season, and so buying them fresh can be very difficult!

To extend the native food season and availability, the Australian SuperFood Co. has made extracts from a wide range of BushFoods.

These extracts cater for your needs, regardless of the time of year or quantities you need. Add a burst of native flavour to any dish you create, whether this is in a cafe or experimenting at home, enjoy the tastes Australia has to offer.

Each unique extract has it's own health benefits and reason for being classified as a Superfood.


50ml bottles costs $24.00/bottle.

Sample packs costs $18/pack (either 5 herbs and seed extracts or 6 fruit extracts, all in 10ml bottles).

Rosella extract comes in 500ml, 1L or 5L bottles. Rosella prices are quoted based on the 500ml bottle.

Quandong extract also comes in 500ml, 1L or 5L bottles. Quandong prices are quoted based on the 500ml bottle.

Bulk Buying:

All extracts can be order in bulk in 100ml, 1L or 5L bottles.

Please specify sizes when you order online, under cart notes before checking out. If you're ordering bulk and require a specific size or number of packets, please provide information in this notes section (e.g. I need 5L of rosella extract in 4x500ml bottles and 3x 1L bottles).

Choose from the range of extract flavours below.

Note - Droppers are not supplied.

Dietary Requirements: Gluten and Dairy free.

If you have any issues, do not hesitate to contact gday[at]