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Dried Posies

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For Valentine's Day buy one of these stunning posies for your loved one. Each posie comes in an Aggie Global box with sleeve, and a personal card. For a Gift Box filled with Australian made products, see our Valentine's Day Gift Box.

These beautiful posies are made by mother daughter team, Sarah and Jess, at Brilliant Blooms.

These come with a Gift Box, ready to be sent directly to the recipient. Add a personalised message at checkout if you wish to write something within the card.

Colours: Pick of our three varieties; Neutral, Pink or Purple.


Do note that these are smaller posies, and not big bouquets, so it is advised to order within a smaller gift box to ensure the posie is supported well within the box and doesn't slid, break or get squished during postage. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Zoe at zoe.paisley[at], where we can discuss if you posie needs to be sent seperately of with other products.