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Recognise, Reward & Reconnect — Modern Corporate Gifting with Heart

12 July, 2022 5 min read

How to combine corporate gifting with CSR


From small business owners to HR managers of major corporations, business professionals understand the value of corporate gifting.

Whether you are rewarding an employee for achieving a particular goal, celebrating closing a sale with a valued client, or encouraging your contractors with a work from home survival pack, you know that acknowledging those around you with a personalised gift brings many benefits.

When you give a thoughtful gift, your company will experience increased employee and customer satisfaction, improved motivation, performance and retention rates, and reinforcing a company culture of inclusivity and appreciation.

But these days, the impact gift giving has on producers, communities and the environment is top of mind. What if you could combine gifting with your corporate social responsibilities and social procurement? What if you had easy access to modern, innovative, ethical gifts designed to reflect your company's unique culture and values?

Here's how to surprise your gift recipients with a one-of-a kind gift while making a positive difference in the world.


What is corporate gifting with heart?

Corporate gifting with heart is a commitment to making sure the products you buy and gift to your employees, customers and contractors are locally produced, ethically sourced, or have a minimal impact on the environment.

Some companies embed CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into their business structure. Engaging in CSR means a company prioritises practices that enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them.

When your company has strong corporate values, you can choose to purchase gifting items that align with your CSR goals. If you’re all about supporting your local community, you can look for gifts that are locally produced. If your company is passionate about caring for the planet, you can purchase gifts that are sustainably made and presented in eco-friendly packaging.


Why are socially responsible gifts important in business?

Giving gifts is a way to affirm important relationships. Everyone appreciates a kind gesture, especially when it reflects not only the company’s values but also those of the recipient. Meaningful and socially responsible gifts create greater connections between people, and allow givers to reduce their environmental impact, support local producers or empower marginalised community members.

When you give a high-quality ethically produced gift to your clients and employees, you remind them that:

  • Hard work and exemplary performance are important to you and your business
  • You care about climate change, alleviating poverty and Indigenous rights
  • You want to inspire your customers and staff and bring awareness to the issues and challenges your company cares about


How to stand out from the (corporate) crowd

When you choose to combine your gift giving obligations with products designed to do no harm, you are already making a bold statement. To further increase the unique experience for your gift recipient and to make a lasting impression, here are some tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure your gift is beautiful and functional — Employees and clients appreciate things that look stunning or have a practical function. The ultimate gift is something that is both.

Lay off the branding and logos — Gift giving should be an act of generosity, not a marketing strategy. No one really wants another pen or water bottle with your logo on it. Instead, leave a thoughtful message signed by your company, for a more subtle acknowledgement of your brand.

Ensure the gift is artfully presented — The outside of a gift is just as important as the inside. Make sure the entire gifting experience is impressive by including beautiful wrapping and a personalised card.

Reflect the quality of the relationship — A treasured relationship should be recognised with a high-quality gift. Seek out items that are lovingly crafted and long lasting, like mugs, journals, cards or candles.  

Showcase local products — Use your gifting opportunity to support local businesses and promote regional products. Consider buying bush inspired items from First Nations producers as a way to showcase your local culture, support your community and to introduce unique flavours to your staff and customers.


Aggie Gifts All-Indigenous Ethically Sourced Hamper Banner Image

The Aggie Difference

At Aggie Gifts, our mission is to reconnect humanity through the gift of food. With this in mind, we create meaningful, bushfood inspired hampers designed to help business owners meet the combined goals of exceptional gifts with maximum positive impact on community and country.

We only work with small Australian businesses and Indigenous suppliers to help businesses grow and flourish. Our commitment to supporting our partners means that for every $1 spend at Aggie Gifts, up to 70 cents goes back to the supplier. Because less than 1% of commercial bushfood products come from Indigenous Australians, we believe in empowering First Nation suppliers to have greater participation in the food industry and to address poverty in their communities.

We also encourage our farmers to use sustainable agricultural practices to maximise their positive impact on the land, and consciously pack our orders in recyclable or compostable packaging where possible.

Our gift hampers include local foods that provide new experiences and flavours, alongside sustainable products like reusable mugs, water bottles and notebooks supporting wildlife conservation projects.

We specialise in making custom hampers for our corporate clients, and can create an impressive gift within a budgetary requirement. Our personal touches include individually wrapped items for an exciting gift opening experience as well as a hand written card containing your personal message.

You can also choose from a range of pre-made hampers online, if you’re short on time or want to organise a recurring client gift.

Our latest corporate hamper features a double insulated drink bottle decorated with Indigenous art, a notebook featuring a hand-drawn native animal and a selection of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Check out some of our Corporate Hampers below!

All Indigenous Australian Food Gift Hamper
Everyday Grind: Work from Home Coffee Corporate Hamper
Don’t Spill the Tea: Work from Home Corporate Hamper
The Sweet Side of Working from Home: Hot Chocolate Corporate Hamper
Indigenous Sourced Self-Care Gift Hamper
Cooking with Bushfoods Hamper


Combining gift giving with CSR

By shopping for your corporate gifts at Aggie Gifts, not only will you find one-of-a-kind products made by First Nations suppliers, organisations and community members, but you also be making a positive difference in the world. Together we can:

  • Empower the owners and operators of First Nation’s businesses and their communities
  • Support local producers and their families
  • Promote ethical and environmental values

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