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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shipping Q's

No (see next question).

If we have all items in stock when you place your order, we can post them off within 2-3 business days. If products are not in stock, we allow 2 weeks for items to arrive from our suppliers.
Once sent, parcels usually arrive within 5 business days.

With all freight being delayed nationally (due to travel restrictions), some parcels are taking up to 3 weeks to arrive.
At this time please expect delays with postage and know that we will do our best to get your items delivered to you or your recipients in a timely manner.

If you need your items to arrive by a certain date, please let us know when you place your order (either my email or by adding a note in the message section during checkout). Then we can prioritise your order or we can let you know if we can not fulfil the order in time so you can make alternate plans.

Please note that many products are seasonal or are coming from remote places. So lead times to restock some of our bushfoods can take some time. If you are concerned that your order is taking longer to fulfil than expected, please reach out and our team will be happy to send you an update.

We use Australia Post for our shipping services so our shipping prices are dictated by their rates.

Ususally for each box sent, it costs $15.75 for normal parcel post and over $18 for express post. Unless otherwise selected by yourself during checkout, we will use the normal parcel post by AusPost as our shipping service to dispatch our gift boxes.

For certain perishable items, such as chocolate, our system will automatically select express shipping for your order. This is to ensure that your products arrive in a timely manner to limit the time they are in freight.

We use Australia Post due to their reliability and connectivity across Australia.

AusPost uses Carbon Neutral deliveries to reduce emissions during freight. They also undertake carbon offset projects, to minimise the damage of any environmental impacts they make during their deliveries.

General Gift Box Q's

We have cards printed by Australian photographer Donna Delaney that are included in each Gift Box.
When viewing your cart, add your personalised message in the text box on the right ofyour order summary before moving on to checkout.

If you have any issues or you miss the text box, send us your message to orders[at]aggiegifts.com.auwith the Subject Line: “Message for Order [Insert your Order number]”.

We can tailor boxes to your budget or preferences.
Where we can, we can account for dietary requirements (note - we must be told about these before we can account for these preferences!).

These orders do take longer and have a $30 base rate to account for packaging and associated costs. The final price of the boxes is dictated by the items you chose to include and how many fit in our gift box sizes (customising with too many products may mean your products will have to be shipped in 2 separate boxes, creating higher shipping costs).

The minimum number of boxes required for custom gift boxes are 20 boxes.

If you are interested, please send your enquiry to orders[at]aggiegifts.com.au so we can discuss further and send you a product list.

When buying for multiple people, all you have to do is add the total amount of gift boxes you’d like to buy to your cart.

Then before checking out, select ‘Ship to Multiple Addresses’. This will then take you to a new page, where for each item, you can add a unique address.
If you are ordering 10 gift boxes, you can then plug in 10 individual addresses for shipping or 5 addresses, each with 2 gift boxes being sent to each address.
Shipping costs will then be calculated on a per address basis.

This should ease your ordering and ensure you can buy all gifts at once, rather than order one box at a time and keeping track of multiple orders.

Please use the links to the gift boxes above, to order online.
We have included certain features to ensure you can order once and ship to all your employees and recipients independently. Please see the question and answer above for details on how to do this.

If you would like to chat to someone directly about your preferences and any specific requirements, email orders[at]aggiegifts.com.au with the email title ‘Corporate Gift Enquiry for [Your Business Name]’.

If you use Social Traders Platform for your social procurement, Aggie is also on this platform. Please visit our profile here and get in touch with us or Social Traders to discuss further.

Product Q's (including allergies)

Please email us at orders[at]aggiegifts.com.au and cc in lisa.paisley[at]aggiegifts.com.au to confirm if products are safe and suitable for your recipient. Please title these emails as ‘Dietary Requirement Enquiry for [your name]’.
When you order your gift box, please also make a note of the dietary requirement during checkout, so we are aware of which order relates to what requirement.

Business & Impact Q's

Yes, we are a social business. To us, this means all business decisions consider positive impact (socially, environmentally etc). We are driven by impact and our profits feed back into our business, so we can create further impact in the areas we work in.

We are certified by Social Traders. Social Traders audited Aggie to ensure we do what we say we do and are making positive social change in the communities we work in.

We are aiming to become B Corp certified (and when we exceed their 80 point certification minimum) next year, however have not finalised our application as of yet.

All packaging provided by Aggiehas been selected for it’s environmental benefits. We also limit the use of excessive packaging to reduce unwanted waste.

Most products use Kraft paper which is made from recycled paper. This includes our mailer boxes, tape and bubble wrap. As a result, these items are all recyclable and our mailer boxes are also compostable.

Your postage label is made using a thermal printer, which uses no ink to reduce waste on cartridges, and the label itself is made from 60% recycled materials.

Our packing tape is a water activated, eco-friendly material, suitable for you recycling bin. This means you do NOT need to remove the Aggie branded tape before recycling your box. 

Any clear packing tape used during packing, is also biodegradable.

Your Aggie information print outs and stickers are printed by EnviroPrint. The postcards are made with 100% recycled uncoated post-consumer waste paper, and the stickers are made using a certified adhesive that makes them naturally compostable.

The tissue paper is also recyclable.

Although we encourage our suppliers to use reusable or recyclable packaging, we cannot guarantee that the products included in the gift boxes are packaged using environmentally friendly materials, however many of our suppliers are doing their best to reduce their environmental footprint. For example, Melbourne Bushfoods (who provides the Davidson plum chocolate in our Christmas box), have done an incredible job at wrapping all their products in plastic free packaging, including the clear chocolate pouch which is made from corn!

Yes we can.

For More Information If We Didn't Answer Your Q's

If the above FAQ’s haven’t answered your questions, feel free to email Zoe at zoe.paisley[at]aggiegifts.com.au or call her on 0434 067 218. If you do call us, leave a message because we ignore unknown numbers due to a high number of spam calls at the moment. Thank you!