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Handmade Indigenous Chocolate Mix Pack Christmas 2021 Edition

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Want to gift someone a sample of bushfood flavours, in a simply delicious way?
Well enjoy these 5 bushfood flavoured chocolate blocks handmade by one of our Indigenous suppliers. With a a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate there is a flavour for everyone.

Each pack includes:

1x White Chocolate with Daalgaal (Illawarra Plum)

1x White Chocolate with Ooray (Davidson Plum) 

1x Milk Chocolate with Daguba (Riberry)

1x Dark Chocolate with Gulalung (Finger Lime)

1x Dark Chocolate with Wyrrung (Wild Rosella) & Mourao (Mountain Pepperberry)

1x Card with handwritten message.

Please note, due to the heat over the Holiday Season (when we will be shipping these gift boxes), all chocolate mix packs will need to be sent via Express Post to avoid melting the chocolate. We will be including ice packs and other packaging to avoid this, but using Express Post is the easiest way to avoid postage delays. If you have any issues here, please message or email us at gday[at]ggiegifts.com.au.

Allergen Warning:May contain traces of milk powder and tree nuts as these chocolates are made in a facility using milk powder and tree nuts in other products. Any production of chocolate blocks with tree nuts is conducted on it's own unique day, with a full clean down afterwards, before any other production is conducted.
All chocolate blocks in this pack are Gluten free and Vegetarian. The dark chocolates are certified vegan by Vegan Australia
If you need to make any changes due to dietary requirements, please reach out at gday[at]ggiegifts.com.au.