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Bushfood Celebrations Gift Hamper

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 15 reviews

Create new traditions with this updated twist on foodie delights made from foraged bushfood ingredients.

From yummy puddings and moreish chocolate, to botanic-infused gin baubles, edible flowers, syrups and jams, your Aussie feast will be a taste sensation like no other.

By buying this unique gift box for yourself or your loved one, you help support local business owners whose hard work and their commitment to excellence is reflected in these amazing products.

When you give this box as a gift, not only do we wrap each item separately for an exciting gift opening experience, we also include a complimentary card, where we handwrite your personal message for the recipient.


Each box contains:

1x 75g Davidson Plum 80% dark chocolate block (vegan)

3x 50ml Native Botanical gin baubles*

1x 190g Native Davidson Plum jam

1x 250g Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup

1x 250ml Altina’s Light Me Up non-alcoholic craft cocktail

1x 250ml Altina’s La Vie en Rose non-alcoholic craft cocktail

1x Card with handwritten message.

This celebrations box is one of our most popular boxes, so order now while stock lasts! 


* The Gin Baubles are alcoholic, so you must ensure recipients are over 18 years old. Gin Bauble flavours vary from both to box but include hibiscus flower, finger lime, wattleseed, chrysanthemum, pepperberry and pigeon pea.

** Also note, the image includes an image of a pudding, which is no longer in stock. Prices have been adjusted to account for the reduction in product, but everything else will be included as listed above.


Allergen Warning:

Chocolate may contain traces of milk, soy, nuts and gluten. If you have a dietary requirement and would like these products removed or substituted, please let us know during checkout so we can adjust the hamper as needed.