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Altina Drinks

Alan and Christina founded Altina after being frustrated that they couldn't find exciting non-alcoholic drink options at functions or for home use. With networking events, weddings or home consumption, the majority of exciting and interesting flavoured beverages are alcoholic especially.

Alan and Christina decided they wanted similar tastes and experience to alcoholic beverages without the alcohol. They believe everyone should be able to have a tasty drink without the hangover effects!

So they formed Altina 18 months ago, where they craft non-alcoholic cocktails so buyers can easily make and enjoy their own non-alcoholic cocktails. They use native and organic ingrediants to create new, exciting flavours that help you feel good.

Visit their website for more info on how they make their exciting beverages:  Altina Drinks.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:To expand sales to corporates in other states, to give people the freedom to drink non-alcoholic drinks during social, drinking events.
  • Impact Areas:Inclusive Communities, Addressing Alcoholism
  • Where they work: Gunggari Country, ACT
  • Community Size:2