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Donna Delaney Prints

Donna is a mum of 3 little boys, living in Queensland with her husband (and cheeky labrador).

Ten years ago, her husband bought her her first DSLR camera, to document their kids lives, which she couldn't put down. After realising how much she loved photography, she then completed a photography degree and started taking professional photos for weddings, families, maternity, newborns and everything else! During this time, Donna realised she loved creating beautiful fine art prints, which has led her to Donna Delaney Prints, as it is known today.

Zoe (founder of Aggie Gifts), found Donna’s work after receiving one of her prints on a Card. The beautiful print, sparked the idea for Aggie to enable Donna to print more cards and spread the joy of Australian nature to more households through Aggie gift boxes and a partnership to create these beautiful cards.

Visit their website for more info on her photographic prints and how they are used in Australian homes:  Donna Delaney Prints.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:To showcase the beauty and love of Australian flora and fauna, into Australian homes.
  • Impact Areas:Support Local Businesses,¬†Family Run Business
  • Where they work:Yuggera Country, QLD
  • Community Size:1