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Gulbarn Tea was started by Samara Billy in collaboration with the Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) in 2013. Samara had the idea of starting Gulbarn, to share Alawa culture with the world, so it can be widely valued and celebrated.

Gulbarn provides an opportunity for Alawa people to utilise their land and cultural assets for self-determination and economic empowerment, while presenting the rest of the world with the unique gift of enjoying a cup of Gulbarn Tea that tastes just like the Australian bushland.

Gulbarn is an ancient bush medicine tea, wild harvested and hand-picked by Alawa people on Alawa Country in the Northern Territory’s remote Big Rivers region. Alawa Country is rich with plants and animals and the Alawa people are full of knowledge, language and culture.

Through wildharvest, Gulbarn tea is sourced ethically and sustainably by Indigenous community members, who use their traditional knowledge of the land.

Visit their website for more information on how they make their tea and how they are supporting remote, Aboriginal communities in the Alawa Country, Northern Territory:  Gulbarn Tea.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:To grow into an enterprise that connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to culture and country, whilst also creating economic opportunities for Alawa people living in the remote community of Minyerri.
  • Impact Areas:Empower Indigenous Communities, Ethically Sourced Bushfoods, Environmentally Sustainable, Inclusive Communities, Empower Women
  • Where they work:Alawa Country, NT
  • Community Size:12+
  • Why "Gulbarn"? Gulbarn is the Alawa term for melaleuca citrolens, a plant within the myrtle family.
  • Traditional uses:To heal colds, coughs and stomach aches by drinking, inhaling or bathing in Gulbarn.
  • Minyerri, Northern Territory