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Lee's Bush Foods and Edible Flowers

Lee is an entrepreneur at heart, building 3 brands that highlight the creativity acheived when working with native Australian foods.
He has crossed pollinated Hibiscus breeds to get the right flower size for champagne glasses and has developed his own processing methods to provide the highest quality product for his customers.


Starting life as an environmental engineer, Lee stumbled into an ecotourism job, showing people around the Blue Mountains and showcasing the native foods in the area. On these tours, people got most excited about discovering Aussie Bush Foods. The only place Lee could source these bush foods was by growing them himself. When the demand continued to grow, Lee turned full time to growing native Australian foods.

To continue to meet the demand for his Hibiscus flowers, Lee started working with farmers in Malaysia to grow the flowers all year round. In Australia, the flowers are only produced in a small window, and it wasn’t supplying enough demand. By expanding to Malaysia, Lee now supports 110 farmers and their families.
Lee produces most of his pigeon pea flowers in Thailand but spends most of his time on the farm in Kurrajong.


Now, Lee focuses on experimenting and creating new processes and products with his native foods. He continues to use finger limes and pigeon pea flowers in a unique way, to ensure restaurants, cafes and pubs can create a unique dining experience using native Australian produce.


Visit each of Lee's websites to learn more about his different product lines: Gingle Bells Gin, BushTucker Shop and Wild Hibiscus Flower Co.


Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:Experimenting with new processes and preservation techniques of native foods, to diversify products within the bushfood industry.
  • Impact Areas: Innovation of the Bushfood Industry
  • Where they work:Dharug Country, NSW
  • Community Size:3 on-farm in Kurrajong, plus many more on other farms.