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Mörk Chocolate

Mörk Chocolate was founded in 2012 to create specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate in Melbourne after being inspired by Melbourne's coffee culture. Mörk focuses on traceability, quality and uniqueness of where their cacoa and ingredients come from, to create their specialty and delicious hot chocolates.

Over the years, they have expanded their range of hot chocolate blends and now have both a cafe and on-site cacao roasting facility in North Melbourne. Aggie has partnered with them for their uniqueness and their social impact when it comes to ethically sourcing cacao, as many smallholder cacoa farmers are not treated fairly or ethically when it comes to growing or selling their cacoa, so working with someone actively making positive impact in this space is important.

Mörk also has a bushfood inspired hot chocolate blend, which Aggie is waiting to get our hands-on. However, as with all bushfood and First Nation's Food products, these are incredibly seasonal, so we will have to be patient until the next batch of this unique Australian blend is available.

Visit their website for more info on how they make their specialty hot chocolate blends and the reasons why they don't label their blends with Organic or Fair Trade Certifications at Mörk Chocolate.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission: To bring specialty, ethically sourced hot chocolate to Australia.
  • Impact Areas: Environmentally Sustainable, Innovation of the Bushfood Industry, Inclusive Communities, Traceability and Provenance, Support Local Businesses.
  • Where they work: Wurundjeri Country, VIC.
  • Community Size:1+ employees, cacoa growers and others.