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Nagula Jarndu

Nagula Jarndu isn’t a bushfood supplier, but is instead a Not for Profit organisation of 120 Indigenous women with 7 Yawuru female Directors, that is evolving into a social enterprise that gives Aboriginal women the opportunity to produce distinctive hand crafted textiles and textile products representing the unique Broome landscape. Including in these products, are handmade bush soaps, which Aggie Gifts uses in some of their Gift Boxes.

There are many challenges Indigenous Australians face when selling their artworks, whereby many Indigenous artists do not get the recognition they deserve when creating their art, which non-Indigenous people instead commercialise and profit from. Nagula Jarndu, being Indigenous owned and working directly with community, offers a supportive environment for these women and artists to work without fear of being taken advantage of, which is a great benefit for all.

If you are looking for ethical and hand-made unique textiles, look for Nagula Jarndu or visit them in person at their shopfront. Learn more here.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:Empower Indigenous female artists through a textile focued social enterprise
  • What does Nagula Jarndu mean?Saltwater Woman, Yawuru language.
  • Impact Areas:Empower Indigenous Communities, Inclusive Communities, Empower Women, Empower Indigenous Artists
  • Where they work:Yawuru Country, WA
  • Community Size:127+