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Rainforest Bounty

Dr Geraldine McGuire (PhD) has been exploring the taste of Australia’s tropical fruits since she was a child. Growing up in tropical North Queensland she quickly saw the potential of Australia’s rainforest to grow unique yet delicious foods.

It wasn’t until she worked on a large gold mine in East Kalimantan, Indonesia where she saw the benefits and impact of regenerative agriculture on the environment and community as a whole.

Since 2009 Geraldine and her husband have been replanting their 80-acre former dairy farm in the Atherton Tablelands, into a rainforest full of incredible native foods.

Visit their website for more info on how they make their unique and punchy bushfood products at Rainforest Bounty.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission: To change the way we eat to restore people and the planet. They're passionate about restoring the landscapes and creating habitat for Australian native wildlife.
  • Impact Areas:Sustainably Sourced Bushfoods, Environmentally Sustainable, Innovation of the Bushfood Industry, Bushfood Education Empower Women, Family Run Business
  • Where they work: Ngadgjon-Jii Country, QLD
  • Community Size:2+ families and other regenerative farmers they have trained.