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The Australian Superfood Co

The Australian Superfood Co, was founded by Hayley Blieden to bring Australian BushFoods to the forefront of Australian culture.

Indigenous Australians have been sustained by native fruits, herbs and seeds for over 70,000 years. Non-Indigenous Australians have remained largely unaware of the presence or value of native produce (often called bush tucker or bushfood), clearing native plants for crops of fruits and grains that were non-native to Australia. Many of these introduced species have struggled to thrive under the harsh Australian climate, requiring huge amounts of pesticide, fungicide and water to keep them alive.

By increasing the awareness, accessibility and affordability of ingredients flourishing in our own backyard, The Australian Superfood Co aims to increase the demand for Australian native produce, and encourage us all to cultivate our own native plants rather than import foreign varieties.

To do this, The Australian Superfood Co. specialises in preserving BushFoods in the form of freeze-dried powders, liquid extracts or dehydrated produce. They work with over 250 suppliers who, together, provide large quantities when the fruits are in season, which ensures large quantities of supply AND consistent product quality.

As a socially conscious business, The Australian Superfood Co. works with Red Dust Role Models. This group is an Australian health and wellbeing organisation that tackles health and wellbeing issues in remote Australia by working with community leaders and Elders, to inspire youth to follow their dreams.


*Trigger Warning*

One of their projects is the Healthy Living Program, which works to connect youth with inspiring role models. These programs are crucial in remote Indigenous Communities, as Aboriginal people are 6x more likely to commit suicide, compared to a non-Indigenous Australians. It is the hopes of Aggie Global, and other like-minded businesses that support Indigenous Australians, that in giving provenance, connection and pride to Indigenous communities to their traditional food, we can address this staggering fact and reduce this rate of suicide.

Visit their website for more information on how they make their bushfood products and why: The Australian Superfood Co.

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission:To educate people about Australia's rich history and the abundance of native produce Australia has to offer. We do this by creating economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians and giving back to Indigenous youth in meaningful, tangible ways.
  • Impact Areas:Bushfood Education, Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities
  • Where they work:Kulin Nation, VIC
  • Community Size:10+