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The Marshmallow Co.

The quirky and trendy Marshmallow Company create delicious hand-made, gourmet clouds of marshmallows. This small Australian businesses started during Covid, and has found success in their satisfying social media content showing the process of their marshmallow creations, highlighting the 'fluffiness' and 'squishiness' of their marshmallows.

The 'fluffiness' of their marshmallows isn't just for satisfying videos, but is their goal for each new and unique marshmallow flavour they create. Each marshmallow must be fluffy enough, to ensure a 'melt in your mouth' moment.

Aggie is working with the Marshmallow Co. to create unique bushfood inspired marshmallows for our ethical hampers. We love supporting this small business, encouraging them to experiment more native flavours, whilst we see their creations come to life from pina colada marshmallows to lemon meringue, all flavours are deliciously unique.

Visit their websitefor more info on their company or visit their instagramto watch their irrestible marshmallow videos!

Impact & Community

  • Impact Mission: To create gourmet marshmallows for loved ones to enjoy and reconnect with others.
  • Impact Areas: Innovation, Family Run Business, Support Local Businesses.
  • Where they work: Awabakal and Worimi Land, NSW.
  • Community Size: 2+ employees.