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Handmade & Personalised Wooden Paddle Board (Organic)

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Gift these beautiful handcrafted camphor laurel paddle boards to a loved one for a special occasion such as weddings, engagements or housewarmings; or as a gift for loved ones as a 'just because' or for events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day or anniversaries.

Great as a chopping board or platter board for cheese and biscuits.

These boards are all hand-made and hand-burned by Aussie artist and woodworker, Rebecca at the Natural Gift Collective. Each board is hand-burned, creating unique boards every time.

Style and Design:

Pick between 5 designs; Whale, Luna, Wildflowers, Sunflower or Mandala.


Organic camphor laurel wood.  Camphor is naturally antibacterial, being rich in oils to prevent bacterial growth (and add a great smell!).

Camphor is also considered a pest in Australia, so by using this timber we are removing pest species to protect native species and making something beautiful from it #sustainable. These boards are sourced near Byron Bay to protect this beautiful, ad internationally renowned, location.

Boards are all natural, single piece timber which means they're more durable and are free from glue and resin.

How to Use:

To preserve the hand-burned design, it is recommend to cut food items on the backside of the board and serve the cheese platter and food on the front side, to show off the design.

Washing and Care:

Hand wash (preferably with environmentally friendly detergents!). Do NOT put in a dishwasher, as dishwashers make wooden broads prone to cracking.

You may oil your board every 2-3 months to retain vibrancy and smoothness. We recommend Grapseed oil as it doesn't leave a smell or taste on the board. To oil, pour a splash of oil in the centre of the board and spread to the edges using a brush until the board is lightly coated. Leave to dry in drying rack.