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Australian Native Sampler

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Just getting into bushfoods? Enjoy this sample pack containing 14 native flavours.

BushFoods are incredibly unique Australian foods. Many BushFoods have a very small harvest season, and so buying them fresh can be very difficult!

To extend the native food season and availability, the Australian SuperFood Co. has freeze dried a wide range of fruits, herbs and spices to create a collection of Superfood powders.

These powders are part of a sampler pack of freeze dried BushFoods. Order now to experiment with new flavours and enjoy the tastes Australia has to offer in cocktails, baking or any other creative dish you decide.

Each unique powder has it's own health benefits and reason for being classified as a Superfood.


Each pack includes a 5x3g samples of freeze dried fruits and 9x samples of  dehydrated herbs and seeds.

Dietary Requirements:

Gluten, Dairy free. Suitable for Vegans. May contain nuts, as samples are randomised.

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