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Easter Advent Calendar Style Gift Hamper

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Why should Advent Calendars be for Christmas only?

Well, we think they should be available for all occasions.

That's why we have created this advent calendar styled gift box. You get to enjoy and unwrap a surprise bushfood product every day, from good Friday to Easter Monday!

Have fun with family, both young and old, as you unwrap mysterious and exciting gifts. Some of the parcels come with a recipeor activity to create fun moments with loved ones.

All Aggie packaging is recyclable and compostable at home, so you will be supporting both the environment and the local community with this 1 purchase. If you want to send this as a Gift, feel free to add one of our Personalised Cards to your cart with a message at checkout, to create a meaningful gift for loved ones far away.

Each hamper contains:

4 parcels of unique Australian bushfood products, all themed towards the meaning of each Easter day over the long weekend! These parcels are hidden beneath advent style packaging, to remain a surprise. (And don't worry, 1 parcel will contain native Easter inspired chocolates, so you can indulge over Easter!).