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5 Bushfoods You can Enjoy Everyday

05 March, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to trying bushfoods or exploring the taste of Australia, many people get stumped because they don’t know where to start or what to do with this new herb they just bought.

So we are going to run through our top 5 products and how you can use them every day. 


1. Finger Limes in Guacamole

Cookistry: Guacamole with Finger Limes! Squeeeeeeee!

Image from Cookistry.com


Most people have heard of these oddly shaped limes but haven’t had a chance to get a hold of them. Now this is probably because finger limes have a very short season at the end of summer and start of autumn, but some of our suppliers have been able to preserve the flesh of these goodies as an extract or as a freeze dried powder. 

Finger limes taste like regular limes making it easy to use as a replacement for limes. You can swamp finger limes for limes into pretty much any recipe. We’ve seen finger lime cheesecake, dried finger lime powder on cakes, as garnishes, finger lime extract in salad dressing and some non alcoholic (and alcoholic) drinks. There are plenty of easy options to use finger limes in your everyday cooking.

But our favourite way is to use fresh finger limes (available now!) asguacamole. The little bursts of citrusy goodness with every mouthful is absolutely delicious. So next time you’re having some nacho’s or need a dip for a get together, mix in some finger lime caviar into that smashed avo for a great touch of citrus flavour. Depending on how lime-y you want your guac will depend if you use one finger lime per avocado or two. 

If you’ve missed the finger lime season, don’t worry. Liquid extracts or dried powders are just as versatile and always available on our website for you to trial. 



2. Baking with Aniseed Myrtle

Image provided by @veganausgogo

Australia has a huge range of herbs and spices on offer that add a native twist to your next dish.  Aniseed Myrtle is one of the more popular herbs.

Similar to finger limes, aniseed myrtle is one of the more diverse bush foods out there. It can be used for baked goods, ice cream, cheesecake, in tea or as a seasoning on your fetta to spice up your next cheese platter.

Our favourite recipe is using aniseed myrtle in hot cross buns. The herb adds a new, liquorice, flavour to the traditional fruity bun, making it a really unusual way to celebrate Easter. 

You can grab a recipe for our Aniseed Myrtle hot cross buns that was created by @veganaugogo, as part of our  Easter Gift Boxes. Order online todayhere.



3. Dukkah as a Seasoning for Chips.

Bushfood seasoned chips with black aoili on burger in Australia. Aggie Global

Image provided by Aggie Global Customer. 


Although Dukkah's are already made as an entrée specifically, why not spice things up and use them in a different way?

One of our customers had an amazing idea to use our Outback Prairie Duskas a rub and seasoning for chips. 

TheDukkahadded a fantastic, powerful taste to the roasted potatoes, so much so it was on par with Chicken salt on chips, or as close of an alternative as any. Using Dukkah as a seasoning is super simple but super tasty. 


4. To Flavour Fermented Goodies

Image provided by Ziggy's Wildfoods


Something a little more unusual comes from  Ziggy’s Wildfoods. Ziggy has used muntrie berries, elderflowers, bush tomatoes, lilly pilly, black ants and so many other native ingredients, all ethically sourced, to create some mind blowing fermented products. Products from hot sauces to cured meats. He has harnessed true creativity that really showcases Australia’s native ingredients and bushfoods. 

Our favourite so far was his  Coorung Muntrie Apply Hot Sauce. A blend of sweet and spicy, it tasted like an apple pie with a kick. We found it went really well with most asian dishes.

So maybe next time you're making some homemade sauerkraut, brews or even hotsauces, then put in a few native ingredients and see how it change the flavour of your creations.

Or if you want to skip the wait, then order some  fermented goodies todayand add some unique sauces to your next pie, burger or chips. But do note, Gabriel is always creating something new so we can’t guarantee stock for you but we will find the next best thing for your order!

5. Beverages

Image provided by Gulbarn Tea.


From teas to alcoholic beverages, bushfoods are making a splash in the beverage industry. Some native bushfoods come as teas, such as  Gulbarn Tea which tastes exactly how Australia’s bushland smells. So you could enjoy a native tea every morning. 

Or at night when you’re looking to unwind, you could add a splash of  bushfood extracts to your drink to add an unusual flavour. Any thing from quandongs, strawberry gum and rosella all add a fruity touch to mocktails, cocktails and other mixed drinks.


Gift Boxes that Make Cooking with Bushfoods Easy

If you need any more inspiration, each and every one of Aggie Global’s Gift Boxes come with  recipes for the ingredients in each box. Our Easter Box in particular is filled with sweet and savoury ways to use bushfoods in your cooking. One day you might be cooking something for dinner, the next you’re enjoying a bushfood inspired treat. So if you’re keen to get creative in the kitchen and try some of our locally sourced native products,then order your Easter Gift Box today.

Shop our range of Australian products, with bushfood ingredients sourced from Indigenous communities, Online Today!

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